Targeting for Beginners

On a bowling lane, there are lots of things to ‘look at’. There are dots at the foul line, a different set of dots 8’ past the foul line, a set of arrows 15’ away, and sometimes a set of 4 dark boards well down the lane. There are also the pins. Most beginners tend to look at the pins because they’re the most obvious visual cue. They’re also the thing you’re trying to knock down so it makes sense. Unfortunately, an object that is 60’ from you is not the easiest to hit.

When learning to bowl, it is best to use the arrows as a targeting system. They are consistent across all makes and models of lanes, and they are exactly 1/4 of the way down the lane. Creating this 1:3 ratio on the lane is important as you progress and learn to use different targets.

For right handed bowlers, the best thing to do is to aim at either the 2nd or 3rd arrow from the right, creating a little bit of angle onto the head pin. Aiming at the 4th (or middle) arrow is comfortable but not very effective. The second arrow is also located near the ‘oil line’ of the oil on the lane, which will definitely benefit you, for reasons that will be explained in our entry about lane oil.

TyeRoseTeam Canada Head Coach TYREL ROSE of Montreal provides top tips for all levels of bowler in Coaches Corner.  Check back regularly for more.  In the meantime…ENJOY YOUR GAME!

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