Targeting for Intermediate Bowlers

Bowlers who have already developed a solid base of fundamentals are most likely looking at either the dots or the arrows. These are by far the two most effective areas to target. If you look at the foul line, it is likely causing some problems with your delivery of the bowling ball, and should be changed.

For the intermediate bowler, targeting is not just about the arrows, but also the boards between the arrows. Whether you are throwing a hook ball or a straighter ball, your targeting might need to be adjusted depending on the day and time you bowl. Oilier lanes often require a different foot position and target than drier lanes.

Most bowlers tend to move their feet without moving their target. The problem here is that it promotes poor footwork and can have detrimental consequences to your armswing. As a rule of thumb, your target should move with the direction of your feet if they move more than 2 boards. For example, an adjustment of moving your feet 3 boards left should require moving your target 2 boards left as well. This is what we call a “3 & 2 Left”.

Next time you move your feet more than a couple of boards, remember to ‘bring your target’ with you. When we discuss lane conditions next time, we’ll talk about when you want to make these kinds of adjustments.

TyeRoseTeam Canada Head Coach TYREL ROSE of Montreal provides top tips for all levels of bowler in Coaches Corner.  Check back regularly for more.  In the meantime…ENJOY YOUR GAME!

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