Bowling Lingo

In bowling, throwing the ball is called delivering the ball. To deliver a ball, step up to the lane, aim, start with your non-dominant foot and take 3 steps forward while swinging your arm in a smooth arc. Follow through with your arm for better accuracy. And don’t step over the Foul Line or it will count as a penalty (the penalty is called a “foul”).

When you knock all the pins down on your first shot – you get a STRIKE. If you knock all the pins or remaining pins down with your second ball then you get a SPARE. Strikes and spares give you bonus points, so they’re key to scoring well. And when it comes to scoring…. don’t worry … nearly all bowling centres have automatic scoring.

Oh, and watch out for the gutters! They are the out-of-bounds drop on each side of the lane surface. Always try to keep the ball on the lane to score points.

Here is some bowling lingo so you can sound like the pros

  • The Approach, is the area where bowlers deliver their bowling balls
  • The Lane, is the surface the ball rolls on as it makes its way towards the pins
  • Gutter Ball, is when your ball enters the gutter and falls off the lane and out of bounds
  • A Strike Out, is when you throw three strikes in a row in the 10th frame
  • A Split, is when you leave pins standing to both sides of the pin(s) you’ve knocked down on your first ball, making for a harder spare.
  • And A Turkey is when score three strikes in a row
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