Bowling Tips for First Time Bowlers

Tip 1

  • When picking up the ball use one hand. The fingers and thumb must be placed on the ball safely, with the fingers spread and pointed towards the far side of the ball and the thumb pointed towards you. Again make sure you are facing the returning balls.

Tip 2

  • To grip the ball correctly keep the ball out on the finger tips for better control and more consistency. A effective way to check the grip is to hold the ball in one hand and insert your finger from your other hand under the ball to make sure the ball is not resting in your palm.

Tip 3

There are 5 basic fundamentals in the delivery of the ball. In this lesson we will be looking at the stance:

  • The body should be erect, shoulders square to the target. Toes should be pointing directly towards the target. Knees slightly bent and the ball is held chest high in front with the right hand supported by the left hand.
  • If you are going to step off with the left foot, the bulk of your weight should be on your right foot

Tip 4

 In this lesson we will be looking at the second step in the proper delivery and that is the pushaway.

  • The hands and the left foot begin to move simultaneously. The ball is pushed slightly upward and away from the body as the first step is taken with the left foot. The upper body is tilted slightly forward. As the first step is nearing completion the left hand leaves the ball and the left arm is extended to maintain your balance. The right arm pushes forward to the full extension of the pushaway. The right arm and ball then begins a downward motion, which marks the start of the backswing

Tip 5

  • in this lesson we will look at the next step in the proper delivery and that is the backswing. At the completion of the pushaway the right arm should be straight and fully extended. The hand should now descend in a natural arc, like a pendulum. Allow the weight of the ball to control the height of the backswing. This action is coordinated with the second step with the right foot. Be sure that the arm is kept close to the body during this pendulum motion. The backswing must be natural and not forced


    Dave Post is President of the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association, and has been a key player in development of both the certified coaching courses developed for 5-pin bowling, as well as in the development and implementation of bowling’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Plan.  Check back regularly for more great tips.  In the meantime…ENJOY YOUR GAME!

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