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Bowlers Strike Up Support for Fort McMurray, AB

Youth Bowl Canada’s (YBC’s) National Championships are underway in Calgary (May 7-9) and YBC proudly announced at the Opening Ceremonies that the bowling community is stepping up to support the relief efforts for the victims of the wildfires that have ravaged the communities in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Bowling industry suppliers QUBICA AMF WORLDWIDE, BUFFA BOWLING DISTRIBUTION and ASSOCIATED BOWLING COMPANIES have pledged to contribute 25 cents for every strike thrown at the YBC Nationals, to a maximum of $1500.

Upon announcing the contribution, Youth Bowl Canada pledged to MATCH the contribution to further support the Red Cross and the northern Alberta communities in need.

Additionally, host bowling centres of the event (Chinook Bowladrome, Century Bowl, Bowling Depot and Paradise Lanes) are accepting contributions from the spectators on hand to take in the premiere youth championship in Calgary.

“Spare” change or big bucks… every little bit helps a Canadian community in need!

2015 Bowling World Cup – World Finals – Las Vegas, USA

World Cup

Canadian Champions Jean-Francois Gorley (Drummondville, QC) and Mississauga, ON’s Kerrie Ryan-Ciach have arrived in Las Vegas to compete in the 2015 BOWLING WORLD CUP. Competition begins Sunday, November 15th. Keep up on how they’re doing by visiting

Kerrie, of course, is the 2003 World Champion and 2004 Runner-Up. She was responsible for breaking a long drought in the event for Canada, as we had gone 23 years to that point since the last Canadian won the title. For Jean-Francois this will be his first appearance at the worlds, but that hasn’t stopped Canadians in the past. Ask Kerrie… she won the World title in her first appearance. And of course, Team Canada Head Coach Tye Rose will be there in support of the team!

The entire Canadian bowling community will be cheering them on. Do your part by making your LOCAL MEDIA aware they should be covering this event. Bowling is huge in participation, and it’s time the media knew it. The more voices that speak up, the louder the message will be.

Bowling in the Olympics?

On June 22nd the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee announced that it had selected bowling as one of the 8 sports to make its shortlist for inclusion into the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.  Among the other shortlisted sports are;

Baseball/Softball, Karate, Roller Sports, Sport Climbing, Squash, Surfing and Wushu.

Bowling enthusiasts around the world need to speak up now. Let our voices be heard and let it be known that bowling is everywhere, and is participated by the masses, and we should be part of the Olympic Games!

Vote for bowling now! The Wall Street Journal-Asia has instituted a poll through its blog section, allowing one to vote for one of the 8 Tokyo shortlist sports. Please join the cause and vote for bowling by visiting….

Get all your friends and acquaintances to vote also.  Let’s be heard!  And let’s get the sound of crashing pins to be the new soundtrack at the Olympic Games.  Vote now!

Bowling tips for “Learn to bowl” bowlers

Tip 1

  • There are 4 aiming methods in 5 pin bowling. The one that produces the best results is spot bowling. This uses a fixed target 15 feet from the foul line. To properly understand spot bowling you need to better understand the rifle technique. When you have found your staring position  on the approach this is the rear sight. The dot at the foul line where the ball is released is the front sight and the arrow which the ball rolls over is the target.

  • It is suggested that the target remains the same and that only the right sight and front sight is adjusted.


Targeting for Advanced Bowlers

Bowlers who are throwing the ball with a hook need to worry about more than just the front part of the lane. Targeting for these bowlers used to be called ‘area’ bowling, but now it could be called ‘window’ bowling. Every lane condition has a ‘window’ that you want to get to down-lane in order to hit the pocket consistently. Depending on the condition, this window is usually a few boards wide, and a couple feet long on the lane, anywhere between 35’ and 45’ down the lane. You can still look at arrows, but the goal is to base your targeting on getting the ball to pass over the arrow and through the window. Finding that window is the goal of every bowler that wants to strike.


Targeting for Intermediate Bowlers

Bowlers who have already developed a solid base of fundamentals are most likely looking at either the dots or the arrows. These are by far the two most effective areas to target. If you look at the foul line, it is likely causing some problems with your delivery of the bowling ball, and should be changed.


Targeting for Beginners

On a bowling lane, there are lots of things to ‘look at’. There are dots at the foul line, a different set of dots 8’ past the foul line, a set of arrows 15’ away, and sometimes a set of 4 dark boards well down the lane. There are also the pins. Most beginners tend to look at the pins because they’re the most obvious visual cue. They’re also the thing you’re trying to knock down so it makes sense. Unfortunately, an object that is 60’ from you is not the easiest to hit.