YBC 2016 Nationals Announced as Calgary, Alberta

YBC’s 52nd Annual National Championships will be held in CALGARY, ALBERTA. The location of the 2016 Nationals was promoted by Bowl Canada President Todd Britton as a way of closing off the 2015 Nationals recently held in Oshawa and Toronto.

Calgary has hosted the nationals 3 times previously (1975, 1988 and 2001) and has a track record of excellence in terms of organization and hospitality.   It’s no wonder…. Keeping up their tradition, Bowl Alberta sent next year’s Host Coordinator, Rick Heinrich of Chinook Bowladrome, to Toronto to take in the 51st Annual Nationals a year in advance of Calgary’s hosting year. This kind of attention to detail makes it clear that Calgary is always on the ball and ready to welcome Canada to its backyard.

Hey Calgary! … We’re looking FORWARD TO IT!!!!!!

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